Day 1:25 pm

  • Making more of British Standards online

    A few points from the recent visit of a BSOL training rep.:

    • -International standards – ISO and EN will be incorporated into the database if they are accepted in the UK. BSI are open to adopting an ISO as a British Standard if customers express a need for it.
    • -If you are interested in contributing to British Standards you can comment on drafts of standards in progress at
    • -It is possible for subject librarians to set up notifications to be forwarded on to you if you are interested in tracking particular standards – contact if you are interested in this.
    • -The browse function on BSOL provides a useful way to look through standards on a subject area.
    • -Searching by standard number only searches the title of a document. For some searches it may be better to put the number into the keyword search box which will result in more hits containing that number.
    • -After you carry out a keyword search look out for the “Search within” box at the left which allows you to add in another term and refine your search further.
    • -You will also see on the left hand side options to look at results relating to particular industries, with a particular status, e.g. current, withdrawn. If you need to narrow down further, you can use the ics categories to pick out particular types of result (ICS is the International classification scheme for standards available at
    • -A list of the key Eurocode documents is available at

     If you need any help with British Standards contact your subject team at

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