Day 12:19 pm

  • ChemSpider

    Chemspider is a free service provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry providing access to millions of chemical structures. The search option also allows you to do a literature search across various online sites. The following guides are useful:

    How to conduct a chemical name search

    How to conduct a structure search

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  • Department of Research and Innovation Seminar program: reminder Swansea Intellectual Property Group

    Seminar Title:  The Swansea Intellectual Property Group: An introduction to IP, development funding and consultancy

    Time:  11am to 12 noon Thursday 27th May

    Location: Seminar room, 7th floor Faraday Tower

    Seminar Summary:  The seminar will act as an introduction to the Swansea IP Group staff, who will discuss the following topics:

    (i) The patent process;

    (ii)The Early Stage Development Fund (ESDF); and

    (iii) Consultancy    

    Who should attend?

    All academics who are engaged in research or any other activity which has the capacity to generate or has generated IP, together with those members of staff who wish to engage in consultancy in the future.

    Please can you email the following address to enrol on this programme

    Upcoming Seminars:

    EPSRC funding – 3rd June

    Creative Industries and the Digital Connection – 10th June

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  • May Science Cafe: Australian Wildfires

    The Swansea Science Café offers opportunities for anyone to find out more about new, exciting and topical areas of science. Designed to be informal and entertaining, the café typically runs on the last Wednesday of every month at the Dylan Thomas Centre. Entry is free and talks start at 7:30pm. For future events see

    The Deadly 2009 Wildfires near Melbourne: Unpredictable Catastrophe or Foreseeable Event?
    Stefan Doerr, Swansea University
    Wednesday 26th May at 7.30 pm

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  • JRS – wireless access when visiting other institutions

    On behalf of my colleagues in our wireless network team, I’m pleased to confirm that Swansea University is a participant in the Janet Roaming Service

    Therefore, staff and students of Swansea University who have configured a laptop (or other mobile device) to access the wireless network here in Swansea, will then be able to use that same laptop to access wireless in a large number of educational institutions across the UK and beyond. Very often the access is seamless – you’ll just turn on your laptop when you arrive at a participating institution and you’ll be connected to wireless with no further configuration needed.

    Equally, if you’re receiving visitors to Swansea and their home institution is a JRS participant, then they’ll be able to use wireless when they’re here (providing that they configured their laptop for wireless in their home institution before arriving in Swansea).

    Further information (including details of JRS participants in the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Australia) can be found at the link below:

    You’ll also find a handy one-page document entitled “Support Pamphlet for Travelling Users” which is worth printing out and taking with you when visiting institutions.

    It’s also worth reiterating that you must register and configure your laptop for wireless use here in Swansea BEFORE you travel, though – the link below will help you to do this:

    If you have any JRS specific queries, please email us at, or liaise with the IT team that supports your particular department or School.

    (For info, note that JRS is a member of the eduroam federation:, and so you may hear JRS participant organisations refer to the service as JRS or as eduroam)

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