Day 3:39 pm

  • SURF Interdisciplinary Sandwiches

    We’re pleased to announce an initiative by SURF (Swansea University Research Forum) to enhance cross-campus academic and social interaction.


    The idea is simple: we invite you to bring your sandwiches, coffee, whatever to the SURF room, on the first floor of Fulton House, on Tuesdays from 1230, starting on November 9th. It’s a chance to get away from your desk, and to meet colleagues from across campus in a relaxed and friendly environment. No programme, no talks: just a chance to chat over lunch.

     Please come along – you never know who you might meet…

     Best wishes,

    Ian Rutt and Kasia Szpakowska

    P.S. Of course, some weeks, there will be other things going on in the SURF room (such as the SURF seminar just advertised), but we hope you’ll come along to those events as well!

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  • Seminar SURF – “Machine guns, human factors & computers”

    At lunchtime on Tuesday 23rd November Professor Harold Thimbleby will give the first interdisciplinary SURF Lunchtime seminar of 2010-11. His talk is entitled:

            “Machine guns, human factors & computers … towards better healthcare”.

    Lunch will be provided before the talk from 12.00 noon and the talk itself will be given between 1-2pm. So that we can ensure there is the right amount of food and number of chairs please register for Harold’s talk here: (seats are limited!)

    Look forward to seeing you there! All best wishes, Tavi

    PS You can find our more about SURF’s activities or join us at:

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  • New journal – Food and Function

    front cover image for Food & Function, Issue 1, 2010

    We have free access to the journal Food and Function for a year. This journal aims to look at the biology, physics and chemistry of food including:

  • The physical properties and structure of food
  • The chemistry of food components
  • The biochemical and physiological actions
  • Nutrition and health aspects of food 
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