Day 12:10 pm

  • SURF Seminar Series

    The new SURF seminar series is starting, so don’t miss out!

    4th February ‘Exploring disability and political rhetoric’

    Our first joint seminar, presented by David Turner and Alan Finlayson (both highlighted in the research pages recently with exciting developments for their work).

    22nd February ‘Bridging gaps, changing landscapes: the Lower Swansea Valley Project at fifty’

    An historical perspective of our local environment from Huw Bowen.

    Seminars are held in the SURF room in Fulton House. Lunch is served at 12, and we warmly invite all staff and post graduate students to come and meet people from across campus in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Talks will be from 1pm, and will have plenty of time for the lively Q&A sessions that SURF has become known for.

    All you have to do is sign up online, and turn up on the day ready to be inspired by the research happening right here at Swansea.

    See you there!

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  • SALT Seminar – Providing Feedback

    SALT Seminar – Providing Exam Feedback: Maximum output at minimum cost

    Monday 24th January 12-2.00pm

    Council Chamber in the Abbey Building

    As we move into the exams season, Ruth Costigan will be chairing this timely SALT Seminar exploring ways of providing feedback that will benefit both academic staff and students. There will be examples of giving feedback that have worked both here and at other universities, as well as the opportunity to try out some of the methods yourself.

    To register for the seminar please email  Lunch will be provided.


    Chris Hall

    e-Learning Support Officer

    Swansea University

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  • January Science Cafe – Clocking on: The timing of your life!

    The Swansea Science Café offers opportunities for anyone to find out more about new, exciting and topical areas of science. Designed to be informal and entertaining, the café typically runs on the last Wednesday of every month at the Dylan Thomas Centre. Entry is free and talks start at 7:30 pm.


    Clocking on: The timing of your life!

    Sarah Forbes-Robertson, Swansea University,  

    Wednesday 26th January at 7:30 pm

    Based at the School of Medicine, Dr Sarah Forbes-Robertson is a molecular biologist specializing in development, cancer and ageing. She is a FameLab finalist ( 2006) and for this Science Café she will talk about sleep and the new system she has developed for analysing the genes that control our sleep patterns.

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  • January Book Sale

    I have changed the books in the book-sale today. Come along and have a look. They are situated just inside the doors to the Study Hall, on level 3 of the Library & Information Centre.

    These books are either items that have been withdrawn because they are out of date or unused duplicates, or they are unwanted donations.  This month’s sale comprises mainly Law, Anatomy, Botany and some donations.

    Lynne Tithecott

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  • Library – 24 Hour Opening for Exam Period

    LIC Opening Hours for the period: 10th Jan – 29th Jan 2011

    Day Building Open Service Desks
    Sunday 24 hour from 8am      1pm – 6.45pm
    Monday – Thursday 24 hour 9am – 6.45pm
    Friday 24 hour to 10pm 9am – 6.45pm
    Saturday 8am to 10pm 12 noon – 4.45pm
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  • Library – New Borrowing Limits

    Starting the 4th January, the undergraduate borrowing limit will be 15 items and for postgraduates will be 25 items. For staff the limit is 30.

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