Day 8:44 am

  • New IEEE open access megajournal

    IEEE have launched a new journal IEEE Access.  It is a multidisciplinary all-electronic open access journal  focused on IEEE fields of interest with an emphasis on applications-oriented articles. IEEE Access will be discoverable via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library to millions of users worldwide.

    As of May 10, 2013, approximately 20 articles will be published and available in IEEE Xplore. IEEE Access makes it easy for practitioners, researchers, institutions, and others to make published information available to everyone via one of the most prestigious technical publishers in the world.  Contact for more information on how to publish.

    There have also been some design changes to IEEE Xplore:

    Journal Homepage Redesign

    The IEEE Journal homepages have been redesigned to display more information about that particular title.

    Home Tab: Displays top news, recently published, popular content, multi-media content for the journal, as well as Impact Factor, Eigenfactor, and Article Influence Score.

    Popular Tab: Popular articles based on article views from the previous month.

    Current Issue Tab: Shows the articles within the current issue of the journal.

    Previous Issue Tab: Lists previous issues of the journal.

    About Journal Tab: Maintained by the editor, includes more information about the particular journal.

    Submit your Manuscript Tab: Option for an author to submit their manuscript or paper directly to the publication.

    Document Abstract Page Redesign

    Abstract pages for all content types will be redesigned to provide more information on the article level. The new abstract page will include tabs highlighting information about that particular document.

    Abstract Tab: description of the article

    Authors Tab: linked list of authors and their affiliation

    References Tab: other articles this paper references

    Cited By Tab: other articles this paper is cited in

    Keywords Tab: Includes INSPEC and IEEE Terms

    Metrics Tab: provides number of downloads per month/year and CrossRef data.

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