Day 8:00 am


    Yesterday we set up an EndNote Online account and entered a reference manually. Today we are going the have a go at importing references.

    You can import references from iFind and most academic databases including Web of ScienceScopus, and ScienceDirect.

    We are going to find some journal articles in iFind and import the reference information into EndNote.

    • Go to iFind and select the ‘Articles & more’ search option.


    • Search for a topic that you are interested in.
    • Chose an article that you would like to save in EndNote.
    • Click on the details tab and then select EndNote from the actions drop-down list.

    details dropdown

    EndNote Online will open in a new window. Once logged in to you will be taken to a page called Import references page and should confirm that 1 reference has been imported from Primo (Primo is the system that runs iFind).

    You can import references for multiple items by saving them to you favourites and then sending them to EndNote.

    • Go back to your list of results in iFind.
    • In the results list click on the star next to the title. This adds the items to your favourites.
    • Add several items to you favourites by clicking on the star icon.
    • Now go to you Favourites list. You can access this buy clicking on Favourites (top right of the screen)
    • From your Favourites list select all of the items you went to send to EndNote.
    • Select Push to EndNote from the drop-down list and click on Go.


    You should now have several items in EndNote, which you can view by selecting My References.

    You can find instructions for importing references from other sources EndNote library guide or simply ask the library staff for help.

    Tomorrow we will learn how to organise and share the references that you have saved in EndNote.

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