Geography Seminar Series – 21st November 4-5pm

  • Growing Regenerative Communities of Food

    Alison Blay-Palmer

    Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

    Zoological Museum (Room 129), Wallace

    In this talk, food offers a lens through which to address globalization pressures faced by communities in all places.

    The complexity of problems such as climate change, food and nutrition insecurity, high rates of food related disease, and escalating rates of unemployment point to the merits of adopting a sustainable food systems perspective. At the same time, there is increasing evidence that we need to explore different community problems and place-based solutions so we can help communities define what works for them.  In keeping with the multi-disciplinary approach necessitated by these far-reaching questions, this presentation draws on the regional development and sustainable communities literatures as well as from transition and social economy theories.

    The presentation focuses on findings from a survey in Ontario, Canada of over 350 community projects, including 21 case studies. The research project has resulted in the creation of several deliverables including a toolkit that captures best practices from the region and includes recommendations about the creation of more sustainable food systems. The talk will also explore the intersection of challenges and solutions for communities in the Global North and South.

    This seminar is open to all, and we look forward to your company at this and future seminars in the series.

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