Extra study space at Bay Campus

  • We’re pleased to announce that there will be extra study space available at Bay Campus during the exam period. The space will be available from next week and details are below. These areas are for silent study only, so please respect others by being quiet.

    Week Building/Room Time
    16th-20th May Great Hall GH037 and GH049 9.00-18.00 Monday-Friday
    23rd-27th May Great Hall GH043 9.00-18.00 Monday-Friday
    31st May-3rd June Great Hall GH037, GH043 and GH049
    School of Management CBE010
    9.00-18.00 Monday-Friday
    6th-10th June Great Hall GH049 9.00-18.00 Monday-Friday


    Good Luck

    Image courtesy of 89studio at FreeDigitalPhotos.net