• Welcome to 5 days of EndNote.

    EndNote is a tool that can help you store and organise the references that you find during your research. This reference information can then be used to automaticaically insert citations and a fully-formatted reference list into your Word documents.

    Today we are going to set up an EndNote Online account and add a reference.


    EndNote Registration is free and available to all staff and students at Swansea University.

    • Go to myendnoteweb.com
    • If you are on campus you can select IP authentication, if off campus you will need to choose ‘Institutional (Shibboleth) Authentication’ and then log in with your normal university log in details.
    • Click on sign-up.


    • On the next screen enter your:
      • Swansea University email address
      • create a password
      • provide your name
    • Your password must meet the following criteria:


    You can link your Facebook or LinkedIn account to EndNote so that you can log in using them in future. Here are instructions for facebook sign-up and linkedin sign-up.

    Now that you have an account, let’s get some reference information in EndNote. We will start by learning to add a reference manually. You won’t need to do this very often: most of the time you will import the references as you find the information. It is useful to learn how to add a reference manually because occasionally you many use resources that you have not found online. Understanding how to add a reference manually will also help if you ever need to edit a reference that you import.

    Entering references manually

    • Click the Collect tab then click New Reference
    • Use the drop down menu to change the Reference Type to book.
    • Enter the following reference using the text in boxes:


    Top tips for manually adding references…

    • When you start to type, a larger box will open which allows you to use formatting such as bold, underline, etc. It is not usually necessary to do this as EndNote will format your references when needed but it can be useful if you want to do something different from a standard style, such as stressing a particular word in the title.
    • Do not put a full stop at the end of the title – EndNote will add punctuation when needed.
    • You always need to enter basic information (such as author, title and publication date) which you would need to include in a reference. There are also optional fields (such as keywords, call number, notes, etc) which you can use if you find them helpful.

    EndNote will automatically save your reference as you go along but you need to click the Save button to finish.

    The reference that you have added will be listed in My References.

    Tomorrow we will learn how to import reference information from iFind.