• EndNote’s Cite While You Write feature allows you to use the references stored in your EndNote online library to create citations, footnotes and reference lists in a Microsoft Word document.


    On Swansea University open access machines you will need to run the EndNote plugins (online) icon which you will find in the Common Apps folder of the Unified Desktop.

    If you are using your own PC rather than a university one, you will need to download EndNote plugins for Word. To do this log into Endnote Online and then select  Downloads.

    Once you have the EndNote plugin you will have an EndNote tab in Word. If you do not have the EndNote tab please contact the library for help.

    endnote toolbar

    • Open Word and create a new document.
    • Go to the EndNote tab and click Preferences.
    • Click the Application tab and change this to EndNote Online. (It may have the EndNote Online tab already showing in which case you don’t need to do anything). If you do not have an EndNote tab at all, close Word and double click the EndNote plugins icon in the applications window to install it.
    • A dialog box will ask you for your e-mail address and EndNote password – enter these.

    Now you can use EndNote to add citations as you write.

    • Type the following:

    This book was useful during my studies

    • Click Insert Citations. Type marshall in the search box and click Find. Highlight the reference “How to study and learn” and click Insert. EndNote will insert a citation (author and year) into your text and add the full reference at the end of your document.
    • Type:

    I also found the following useful

    • Click Insert Citations and insert another reference that you have saved in EndNote.

    Each time you insert a citation the reference will be automatically added to a reference list at the end of the document.

    You can change the referencing style. Word will pick up the referencing styles that you have added to your favorites in EndNote. If the one you want to use is not listed in Word you need to select the style in EndNote Online. Do this by clicking on the Format tab and then Bibliography, followed by Select Favorites. There are some Swansea University approved styles :

    • APA 6th Swansea (an  author date style)
    • Vancouver Swansea (a numbered style)
    • MHRA Swansea (a footnotes style)

    If you have added a new style to your Favorites you will need to close Word and reopen it to pick up the styles that you have added.

    When you change the reference style in Word the in-text citations and reference list will update automatically.

    We have reached the end of ‘5 days of EndNote’. I hope that you have found it useful and can see how EndNote can help you. This course has been designed to give you enough information to ‘get started’ using EndNote. However, if you would like to find out more, there is further information available in our Library Guide for EndNote and you can contact your library subject team for help and advice.