The Library Detox: Tip 3

  • There are many tools available to help with the referencing process. For those managing a large number of references, Swansea University Library subscribes to Endnote which is available from the Swansea University Unified Desktop.

    Endnote is a professional reference management software package used to manage references and bibliographies. It is a fantastic resource for collecting and managing references from our subscribed databases as well as free resources.

    A Word plug-in, also available from the unified desktop which allows for easy output of in-text citations and the reference list.

    Combined with EndNote Web, a web-based implementation of EndNote, the product offers mobility of resources as it not only manages references it can also manage the pdf attachments. As part of the Library Detox and the ‘Breakfast Bites’ we are running a short Endnote session on Wednesday, 7th February 2018 at 8.15 in the Bay Library.

    The following week on Monday, 12th February 2018 we will be looking at Mendeley.  Mendeley is a free referencing software, and therefore not supported by the library. It is an excellent resource which also works well with our subscribed resources.  It also has the ability to annotate PDFs and offers a platform to manage, showcase and connect to researchers worldwide.

    For those with less references to manage there is citation tool within iFind. Within each record you can get to the Citation in the Actions drop-down menu (see example below). This can then be copied and pasted into your work.  It isn’t always accurate and you will need to follow the guidance in your school’s handbook, but it certainly helps by providing the information needed to cite and reference your work.

    Likewise, the majority of our subscribed resources have citation tools.   Again, as with most referencing tools, it is important to check against your school handbook.

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