New journal trials from RSC

  • Two new journals – Nanoscale and Polymer chemistry – have been launched by the Royal Society of Chemistry. We have free trial access to articles from Nanoscale until December 2010 and to Polymer Chemistry until December 2011. Access is only available on campus.

    Polymer Chemistry


    They can also be accessed by looking them up in Voyager.

    Nanoscale will be publishing experimental and theoretical work across the breadth of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Topics include Synthesis of nanostructured and nanoscale materials, Characterisation of functional nanoscale materials and bio-assemblies, Properties of nanoscale materials, Self-assembly and molecular organisation, Complex hybrid nanostructures, Nanocomposites, nanoparticles, nanocrystalline materials, and nanoclusters, Nanotubes, molecular nanowires and nanocrystals, Molecular nanoscience, Nanoelectronics and molecular electronics, Nanomedicine. It is aimed at a cross disciplinary readership.

    Polymer chemistry will be publishing advances in polymer chemistry encompassing all aspects of synthetic and biological macromolecules, and related emerging areas. It aims to provide a showcase for the ongoing efforts driving polymer chemistry, highlighting the creativity of the field and previously inaccessible applications. It is aimed at materials scientists and bioscientists as well as those working in polymer chemistry.