• Image: 5 Days of Mendeley

    Today we are looking at organising and sharing your references within Mendeley. However as it is a nice feature we will look at an additional add-on that allows you to capture website details and save them as references.  It also allows you to import other documents from the web page straight into your Mendeley Reference library.

    The Web Importer

    The first thing you need to do is download the web importer.  This can be found at .  From this page you select which browser you want to use for this task (I will be using Chrome) but they all work in a similar way.

    Select Install Chrome browser extension and on the subsequent page Add to Chrome.

    You should then see the following icon appear next to your address bar. This installation process is then complete.

    Saving a web page reference and adding documents

    When you have searched and found a website that you wish to add to you Mendeley library click on the Mendeley icon in the toolbar.

    The following window will then appear.  Click on Save.  It will automatically download any PDFs if available.  Deselect the tick box if you wish to skip this process.

    Many websites, if they do not contain journal articles or documentation give the following message as they do not contain any bibliographic metadata

    This window will allow you to complete a form with the website that when saved will send the information to your Mendeley library. Some forms will be populated more than others. Take care when completing this form as the data will appear in your reference

    Mendeley Online

    What you will notice is that the reference will save to the online Mendeley library.  The whole process on Day 1 created a Desktop Application and also an online library (which we did not look at). Both work in the same way and sync seamlessly. Day 5 will look at Mendely Online in more detail and also look at the Desktop App on the Unified Desktop.

    For now to sync between the Desktop App and Mendeley Online just look for the Sync button.

    To access your online library you need to go to and login (apologies but I was unable to upload the image)

    Organising your Mendeley Library

    .The left-hand pane in your Mendeley Application allows you to sort and filter your library.  There are excellent default filters such as Recently Added, Recently Read and Favourites.

    It is easy to create folders. It is important to note is that creating folders alters your view of your library and “tags”  but does not actually move the reference within the library.  This means that the same reference (not a copy) can be moved into multiple folders, and folders can be added and deleted. If you amend the reference it will change in all locations (as there is only one reference)

    • To add a folder you click on Create Folder… and then give it a meaningful name.

    Create Folder

    Searching Mendeley

    The search box will search all the bibliographic details of a reference unless you select the little drop-down arrow (highlighted below).  This options allows you to search Author, Title, Publication Details, Year etc.

    It is important to note that the Search Box will only search within your selected library.  If your main pane is a subfolder the search will be contained to that particular folder.  Therefore if you are unable to locate a reference ensure All Documents is selected.

    Filter by Tag

    Tags allow you to label references to easily group them.  To add a tag go to the right-hand pane in your Mendeley Desktop (you may need to scroll down the pane. You can add more than one tag by separating each with a semi-colon ;

    To retrieve Tags you need to go to the Filter at the bottom-left of the Mendeley Desktop and select Filter by My Tags

    When searching for Tags it is important to be within the chosen Folder or All Documents.

    Tomorrow will look at Outputting References into Word.