• 5 Days of MendeleyToday we are looking at creating a reference list using Microsoft Word. Previous Days have included:

    Day 1: Creating an account and manually adding a reference

    Day 2: Importing references

    Day 3: Organising and sharing your references

    Adding the Word plugin

    In Day 1 we added the Word plugin. If you skipped this step you can also add the plugin from your Mendeley Desktop by clicking on Tools and Install MS Word plugin.

    Inserting citations and references into Word

    Once you have the plugin you should see the following ribbon under the references tab.

    image: Referencing Tab within word

    You will see there are a number of styles available, including standard Vancouver and APA 6th Edition.  There are over 1200 referencing styles built into Mendeley so if the style you require is not visible to the Mendeley Desktop, click on View, then Citation Style and then select the style your require.

    To add a reference to your document go to point in the text you wish to add the citation. Click on References and then Insert Citation. If you want to include a reference list as you type click on Insert Bibliography.

    The following pane will open.

    image Mendeley search box within Word

    Type in some details about the item you wish to insert. When the item is visible, select and the click on OK.

    image_selecting reference

    It is important to note that Swansea University have a Swansea Specific Vancouver so slight revisions will be necessary. The guide for Swansea specific guide can be found in our library guides for engineering here.

    Tomorrow we will look at the Online version of Mendeley, Mendeley from the Common Apps on Swansea University open access computers as well as a few other miscellaneous features that didn’t fit neatly within the previous blogs.