Day 5: Mendeley Online

    Today is the final day of the 5 Days of Mendeley. Throughout the week we have looked at Mendeley Desktop App, when installed directly from

    Mendeley Online

    On Day 1, when we registered we automatically created an online account. To access this online account go to

    On the top-right of the screen you will see an option to Sign In. This will take you to your account.  From this screen other services from Mendeley are available.

    To go to your library click on Library. The online library works in a very similar way to desktop application. If for some reason newly added items are missing refresh the page on the address bar.

    Likewise, if you are in the desktop application you click on the Sync button (this mainly occurs if you add webpages via the browser plugin).

    To share your library go to Mendeley Online. Click on Share and then enter the email details of the person that you wish to share the document with (it can take up to thirty minutes to arrive in their inbox).

    Exporting your library to other citation software (including Endnote)

    To export your references, or you library, it is easier to work from the Desktop Application.

    Select the references that you wish to export and then click on File.  From this menu click on Export….  The following window will then open

    Name your File Name and then click on the Save as type: and select Endnote (Endnote should read the three types of files successfully; BibTex, RIS and EndNote XML).

    Open your Endnote Account, select File, then Import and File.

    The following dialogue box will open:

    Ensure that you have selected EndNote generated XML from the Import Option: and click on Import.

    Importing References into Mendeley (Using Mendeley)

    It is also possible in import references into Mendeley. Mendeley can import the following file types.

    To import your file go to, click on File and Import.  You then select the file type.  The following window will open.  Locate the file you wish to add and then click on Open.  Your files should then be added to your library.

    We have reached the end of ‘5 days of Mendeley. I hope that you have found it useful and can see how Mendeley can help you. This course has been designed to give you enough information to ‘get started’ using Mendeley. However, if you would like to find out more you can contact your for help and advice.