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  • Croeso/Welcome to our new students!

    Arrivals weekend is here and we’re really pleased to welcome new College of Engineering students to Bay Campus. Croeso! (That’s Welsh for ‘welcome’.) We hope you settle in well and that the weather stays nice enough for you to enjoy our beautiful beachside location!

    Bay Library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so please do come in and have a look around as you explore your new home for the next few years. Staff are available on the Information Desk from 8am till midnight Monday to Friday and 10am till midnight at the weekends, so please ask us if you have any questions. There are introduction to the library sessions scheduled for new students on Friday 29th September. Your subject librarians also have a stand in the library Monday to Friday from 11.00 till 15.00 during Welcome Week, so come and say hello!

    Alasdair, Giles, Allison and Philippa – your librarians

    Staff at the Information Desk can help with IT and library enquiries

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  • Database of the month – Web of Science

    This month we want to tell you about Web of Science which is a scientific citation indexing service that provides a comprehensive citation search with over 1 billion cited reference connections indexed from high quality peer reviewed journals, books and proceedings. Subject areas include engineering and business.

    Web of Science gives access to multiple databases that reference cross-disciplinary research, which allows for in-depth exploration of specialised sub-fields within an academic or scientific discipline.


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  • Shhhh! Silent study space in Bay Library and in Great Hall

    We’ve made some slight changes to the silent study spaces in Bay Library. From now on, the North Wing will be a silent study zone. You’ll find three study areas in the North Wing:-

    • PC Room 1 – this is now the silent study computer room
    • Silent Study Rooms – these have individual desk spaces with power sockets and USB connections for you to plug in your devices

    We ask that you respect your fellow students and work silently in these areas. If you need to talk while you work, you can do so in the Central Area or the South Wing, but please consider other library users and keep noise to a minimum. (Please note, PC Room 2 in the South Wing was previously the silent PC study space, but you can now talk in this room.)

    Sign on wall reading 'You are now entering a silent study zone'

    You’ll see some new signs in the North Wing

    Sign on wall reading 'Silent study zone'

    To help you during the exam period, there is some extra silent study space available in the Great Hall from the 22nd May to the 16th June. Here are the details:-

    09.00-18.00 Monday (excluding bank holiday)

    Great Hall 043 & 049

    09.00-18.00 Tuesday

    Great Hall 043

    09.00-18.00 Wednesday

    Great Hall 043

    09.00-18.00 Thursday

    Great Hall 043 & 049

    09.00-18.00 Friday

    Great Hall 043 & 049

    Good luck with your revision and in your exams. Pob lwc!

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  • Parrots and plagiarism

    Get plagiarism advice all next week in Park and Bay libraries – lunchtime week beginning 27 March 2017

    • Take Pryderi’s Plagiarism Challenge
    • Get support and advice from your librarians
    • Book one to one session for in depth queries

    Watch out for Pryderi the Plagiarising Parrot!

    Photo of Pryderi the toy parrot reading a book

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  • Database of the month – ScienceDirect

    The ScienceDirect logo


    This month we want to tell you about ScienceDirect, an excellent database that covers a range of subject areas including:-

    • Engineering and physical sciences
    • Sports sciences
    • Psychology
    • Business, management and accounting

    Use your keywords to find top quality, full-text academic journal articles for your research. Articles are available in PDF form, so it’s easy to download them or print them out. Get suggestions of other articles you might be interested in and set up a ScienceDirect alert to find out about new articles for your topic.


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  • A new look for Scopus

    Have you used Scopus recently? The interface has been refreshed, giving it a generally less cluttered appearance. ‘Alerts’ and ‘Lists’ are now in the toolbar at the top of the page. Other functions have been moved to what Scopus are calling a “spine” – a sidebar which is activated by clicking a three-line menu icon familiar from many mobile apps.

    One particularly interesting new feature is a link on an ‘Author Details’ page which exports an Author’s Scopus profile into SciVal.

    A summary of these changes can be found on the Scopus blog.

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  • Extra study space for exam period

    Are you looking for a quiet place to revise for your exams? Room 117 and room 128 in the School of Management building are both available for silent study Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00 until the 27th January.

    If you live close to Singleton Campus, please also check the extra study space that is available there.

    This is in addition to the usual study space in the library. Bay Library is open 24/7 as usual. There are silent study rooms available in the North Wing if you need to work somewhere without distractions.

    Please look out for our friends from the Students’ Union who will be handing out free tea and coffee at prearranged times in the library as part of Study Aid 17.

    Good luck with your exams!

    Word-cloud in the shape of a four-leaf clover

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  • Do you need high quality Sports Science articles?

    This month we are highlighting a new resource for those of you studying Sports Science.  SPORTDiscus with Fulltext is the world’s most comprehensive source of journal articles for sports & sports medicine, providing access to full text articles for over 550 journals. Subjects covered include

    • Sports sciences
    • Coaching and education
    • Consumer health
    • Exercise science and fitness
    • Health education
    • Kinesiology
    • Nutrition
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Physical education
    • Physical therapy

    SPORTDiscus allows you to find high quality journal articles quickly and easily. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some comments that we received when we provided trial access to the database.

    BSc Sports Science Students said…

    quote-1 quote2 quote3

    Camilla Knight, Senior Lecturer in Sports Science said…


    How to access SPORTDiscus?

    There are two ways you can access SPORTDiscus.

    1. Go to iFind and search for SPORTDiscus. Click the database title from your list of results and follow the links to access the database. Or…
    2. Follow the links on the Sciences Science Library Guide.

    If you are off campus you will need to log in with your Swansea University username and password.

    Want to find out more?

    You can find out more about SPORTDiscus on the Sports Science Library Guide. Visit the Key Resources page to access a guide and watch a short video that will help you search effectively.

    Help from the library

    If you need any help using SPORTDiscus email or pop into the Bay Library.

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  • Shhhh! Silent PC Room in Bay Library

    In response to student feedback, Bay Library’s PC Room 2 will be for silent study from today. We will trial this for the term, so please send your comments to to help us decide if this should be a permanent arrangement. You can also fill in one of our comments cards, which are available near the entrance of the library.

    PC Room 2 is in the South Wing, closest to the beach. It is available to those who would like to work quietly on a PC. Signs are on display to show that it is for silent study only. If you are working on a group project or would like to talk to each other, please find another space in the library to work at. We ask that all students cooperate with this during the trial period.

    The two silent study rooms in the North Wing are also still available. There are no PCs in these rooms, though there are plugs and USB ports available to connect your devices.

    If you have any questions please email or ask at the Information Desk.


    Bay Library floor plan. PC Room 2 is now for silent study only.


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  • Assignments – Survive and Thrive

    With coursework deadlines looming this can prove to be a stressful time of year. We’d like you to know that your Subject Librarians are available to support you. We can provide advice and guidance on devising a search strategy, conducting literature searches, evaluating information sources and managing your references.

    On Friday 25th November your Subject Librarians will have a stand in the Bay Library with lots of useful resources to help you survive and thrive, while you’re completing assignments. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have and we’ll have plenty of useful information and guides for you to take away with you. There will also be lots of free chocolate available, to help keep you going while you work!


    Don’t forget that you can contact your Subject Librarians at any point during the year by emailing: and you can arrange an appointment with a Subject Librarian through the Engineering Library Guide or the Sports Science Library Guide.

    You’ll also find one of your Subject Librarians sitting in the Bay Library every Thursday afternoon from 12.00-17.00, where we’re on hand to answer any questions you have.

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