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  • Chemical Science becoming Open Access

    The Royal Society of Chemistry have announced that from Issue 1, 2015 this journal will be gold open access and all content will be free to readers. For the first two years article processing charges will be waived so it will be free to publish in. It aims to be the world’s first quality open access chemistry journal.

    More about the journal can be found at

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  • Scholar Ninja: a distributed search engine for science

    Logo for Scholar Ninja

    This is based on an experimental Chrome extension (available at which will search across scholarly sites. It doesn’t aim to lead to full text, merely to provide an easily searchable index for scholarly content.

    Scholar Ninja is a new tool and still under development but it may develop into an interesting site. Read more about it at

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  • New DigiMap videos on YouTube

    A new video on using DigiMap Roam has been uploaded to the YouTube DigiMap channel.

    DigiMap allows you to print and annotate Ordnance Survey maps and also to download OS data for use in GIS and CAD packages.

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  • Free chemistry resource

    Detherm database logoDETHERM is one of the world’s largest thermophysical databases. It is available  from the National Chemistry Database service. The service is free to HE Institutions and it can be accessed from a Swansea University IP address. Below is an example of some of the contents:

    DETHERM now contains data from over 100,000 literature documents, equating to over 8,000,000 data rows:

    #Literature #Data Tables #Data Rows
    Dortmund Database (DDB) 75,844 508,465 5,083,431
    Electrolyte Data Collection (ELDAR) 7,665 46,331 637,449
    Thermophysical Database (INFOTHERM) 15,754 139,846 1,920,628
    FIZ Chemie Berlin 2,359 38,590 286,429
    DECHEMA e.V. 6,881 72,728 504,462
    Transport properties (LUCAS (Dech/FIZ Ch)) 232 1,809 25,068
    Solubility Database (CAPEC-SDB) 190 3,123 5,584
    Total 108,925 810,892 8,463,051

    Below is a breakdown of data from the Dortmund Database (DDB) present in DETHERM:

    #Literature #Data Tables #Data Rows
    Excess Properties
    Heat Capacities of Mixtures (Excess heat capacities) 542 1,762 49,744
    Excess Enthalpies 3,063 14,414 310,033
    Mixture Densities (including Excess volumes) 6,152 25,257 672,115
    Phase Equlibrium data
    Activity Coefficients at infinite dilutions (in mixtures) 59 827 9,277
    Activity Coefficients at infinite dilutions (pure solvents) 1,139 27,963 71,023
    Azeotropic data 1,926 36,402 53,703
    Vapor-Liquid-Equilibria (electrolyte systems) 1,249 4,165 115,011
    Gas Solubilities (electrolyte systems) 151 666 11,795
    Salt solubilities (mainly in water) 5,682 24,130 235,873
    Gas Solubilities (non-electrolytes) 1,810 11,850 93,694
    Vapor-Liquid Equilibria (low boiling substances) 3,771 10,893 291,999
    Liquid-Liquid Equilibria 3935 16338 218083
    Solid-Liquid-Equilibria (mainly organic compounds) 5,614 36,869 372,016
    Vapor-Liquid Equilibria (normal boiling substances) 6,904 18,535 481,675
    Critical data of mixtures (critical lines) 786 2,735 19,031
    Partition Coefficients (octanol-water) 514 8,335 11,398
    Viscosities, thermal conductivities, surface tensions and speeds of sound 2,782 10,700 346,751
    Pure component properties 29,765 195,968 1,557,065
    Total (DDB) 75,844 447,809 4,920,286
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  • Library 24-hour opening extended

    24 hour opening in the Library is being extended for another week until the 6th June.

    Good luck with your revision!

    Library opening hours

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  • Routledge monographs free for a limited time

    Routledge are making many of their electronic books free during May 2014 – take a look….

    Sports science

    Civil engineering

    Environment and Sustainability


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  • New edition of major textbook

    Finite element books

    Now in the Library at TA640.2.Z5 2014

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  • New Geography titles in Ebrary

    These Geography titles are now available in Ebrary: . Links also appear in the library catalogue.

    • Geopositioning and mobility / edited by Ahmed Nait-Sidi-Moh … [et al.] ; series editor, Marcelo Dias de Amorim.
    • Tourists, signs and the city : the semiotics of culture in an urban landscape / by Michelle M. Metro-Roland.
    • Faith in heritage : displacement, development, and religious tourism in contemporary China / Robert J. Shepherd.
    • Ecotourism and biodiversity conservation / Suresh C. Rai.
    • Tourism enterprises and the sustainability agenda across Europe / edited by David Leslie.
    • Programming ArcGIS 10.1 with Python cookbook : over 75 recipes to help you automate geoprocessing tasks, create solutions, and solve problems for ArcGIS with Python / Eric Pimpler.
    • Close up at a distance : mapping, technology, and politics / Laura Kurgan.
    • Ice sheets : dynamics, formation and environmental concerns / Jonas Muller and Luka Koch, editors.
    • The role of bathymetry, wave obliquity and coastal curvature in dune erosion prediction / door Cornelis den Heijer.
    • Disaster and relief management Katastrophen und ihre Bewaltigung / edited by Angelika Berlejung.
    • Dunes : dynamics, morphology, history / Andrew Warren.
    • Watersheds : processes, management and impact / Gavyn L. Kuhn and Jason R. Emery, editors.
    • Ocean science (OS) / editor-in-chief, Kenji Satake ; volume editor-in-chief, Jianping Gan.
    • Environment disaster linkages / edited by Rajib Shaw, Phong Tran.
    • Holocene : an environmental history / Neil Roberts.
    • Geography speaks : performative aspects of geography / Rob Sullivan.
    • The human impact on the natural environment : past, present and future / Andrew S. Goudie, St Cross College, Oxford.
    • An introduction to landscape / Peter J. Howard.
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  • Expansion to Scopus citation coverage

    Scopus is going to add cited references to its pre-1996 content, part of the Scopus Cited References Expansion programme to become available at the end of 2014. References will go back to 1970, making it more competitive with Web of Science and allowing more analysis.

    Remember that it is worth doing an author search for yourself to make sure that you receive credit for all your work – mistakes in databases are not uncommon! Scopus includes a request to merge authors if you find that your name has been entered in more than one form. Scopus help gives more information on how to request corrections.

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  • Vacation borrowing

    Vacation loans will start at 9am on Tuesday 8th April with a return date of Wed 7th May. Staff and postgraduates will be able to borrow one week loans for the whole of this period. Undergraduates will be able to borrow normal and one week loans.

    The library building will be open as usual apart from shortened hours over the bank holiday weekend.

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