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  • Interested in teaching with e-books?

    You are invited to join an online presentation where Associate Professor Phil Gee from the University of Plymouth will share his experiences of teaching with eBooks.

    Phil Gee was instrumental in leading the eBooks programme that recently won the Guardian award for teaching excellence. He will share his experience of interactive eBooks, the benefits they can bring, and feedback from his students.

    There will also be time for questions.

    Teaching with eBooks: experiences from the University of Plymouth
    Wednesday 1st May, 11.00am – 12.00 noon BST.
    Click here to register.

    You will need access to a computer and a phone to join. Register using the link above and joining instructions will be sent to you.
    The seminar is organised by Pearson publishing. Their products offer some integration with Blackboard – more information at http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Learn/Extensions/Featured-Partners/pearson.aspx

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  • Springer Materials – free trial

    Free trial of Springer Materials


     SpringerMaterials is a unique resource of high-level, critically acclaimed data in all areas of chemistry, physical sciences and materials science on subjects such as electronic structure and transport, magnetism, crystallography, thermodynamics and more. It uses Landolt Bornstein data. Search features include a Google-like search engine, navigation via subject area & periodic table, deep indexing and intelligent content retrieval.

     We also have trial access to the Springer E-book collections at www.SpringerLink.com on a wide range of science and engineering topics.

     Access to both collections is by IP address on campus only. Please let us know if you have any comments about the material on trial by e-mailing scieng@swansea.ac.uk.

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  • Free trial of Springer e-books

    We have a free trial of a large number of Springer e-books until 18th June. They can be accessed at http://springerlink.com  on campus only. All ebooks with a copyright date between 2005 and 2010 should be accessible so please explore and make use of them. 

    You may find it easier to browse books on a subject area if you click the new SpringerLink beta symbol on the left of the screen. Click Browse in the grey bar and choose Books then choose a subject collection on the left of the screen. 

    Let us know if you have any feedback on the trial (scieng@swansea.ac.uk). We have not received any price information as yet but the books are sold as collections rather than as individual titles.

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