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  • New edition of major textbook

    Finite element books

    Now in the Library at TA640.2.Z5 2014

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  • New books in engineering

    The following new books have been added to library stock since the beginning of the Summer:

    T49.5 .S39 2005 Scientific and technological thinking / edited by Michael E. Gorman … [et al.].
    T56.8 .T66 2008 Industrial project management : planning, design, and construction / Stefano Tonchia ; with additional contributions by Flavio Cozzi.
    T58.5 .D85 2012 Information systems theory : explaining and predicting our digital society. Volume 1 / edited by Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael R. Wade, Scott L. Schneberger.
    T58.6 .A36 2012 SIGMIS-CPR’12 : proceedings of the 2012 Computers and People Research Conference : Milwaukee, Winsconsin, USA, May 31-June 2, 2012 / sponsored by ACM SIGMIS, supported by Marquette University, SIM, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and University of Wisco
    T58.6 .L376 2011 Management information systems : managing the digital firm / Kenneth C. Laudon
    T385 .M981 2006 Inside SolidWorks / David Murray.
    T385 .S53 2012 ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 Full Conference DVD ROM [electronic resource]: Los Angeles, California, August 5-9, 2012.
    T385 .Y35 2013 Introduction to AutoCAD 2013 / Alf Yarwood.
    TA147 .T659 2012 Engineering science : for foundation degree and higher national.
    TA166 .M393 2002 Measure of man and woman : human factors in design / Alvin R. Tilley ; Henry Dreyfuss Associates ; with an introduction by Stephen B. Wilcox.
    TA174 .C76 2008 Engineering design methods : strategies for product design / Nigel Cross.
    TA347.F5 C46 2012 Introduction to finite elements in engineering / Tirupathi R. Chandrupatla, Ashok D. Belegundu.
    TA347.F5 S64 2004 Programming the finite element method [print and electronic book] / I.M. Smith, D.V. Griffiths.
    TA357 .M37 2012 Mechanics of fluids / Bernard S. Massey ; revised by John Ward-Smith.
    TA403 .A69 2012 Engineering materials 1 : an introduction to properties, applications and design / Michael F. Ashby and David R. H. Jones.
    TA403 .C23 2010 Materials science and engineering / William D. Callister.
    TA403 .S515 2010 Introduction to materials science for engineers / James F. Shackelford.
    TA403.6 .A74 2011 Materials selection in mechanical design / Michael F. Ashby.
    TA405 .G76 2011 Mechanics of materials / Dietmar Gross … [et al.].
    TA405 .P95 2012 Mechanics of materials / Andrew Pytel, Jaan Kiusalaas, Ishan Sharma.
    TA545 .U7 2010 Surveying for engineers / John Uren, Bill Price.
    TA646 .C66 2001 Concepts and applications of finite element analysis / Robert D. Cook … [et al.].
    TA654.2 .J66 2012 Structural impact / Norman Jones.
    TA664 .J64 2012 Designer’s guide to eurocode 4 : design of composite steel and concrete structures EN1994-1-1 / Roger P. Johnson.
    TA1634 .F65 2012 Computer vision : a modern approach / David A. Forsyth, Jean Ponce.
    TC175 .C45 2008 Open-channel hydraulics / Ven Te Chow
    TJ213 .N497 2011 Control systems engineering / Norman S. Nise.
    TJ216 .D67 2011 Modern control systems / Richard C. Dorf, Robert H. Bishop.
    TJ808 .M33 2009 Sustainable energy–without the hot air / David J.C. MacKay.
    TK146 .H22 2011 Electrical engineering : principles and applications / Allan R. Hambley.
    TK454 .I79 2011 Engineering circuit analysis / J. David Irwin, R. Mark Nelms.
    TK5102.9 .C478 2006 Adaptive and iterative signal processing in communications [print and electronic book] / Jinho Choi.
    TK5103.2 .I584 2012 MobiOpp’12 [electronic resource] : proceedings of the 3rd ACM International Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networks : March 15-16, 2012, Zurich, Switzerland / sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE.
    TK5105.2 .W36 2002 Video processing and communications / Yao Wang, Jorn Ostermann, Ya-Qin Zhang.
    TK5105.5 .A265 2012 MobiHoc’12 : proceedings of the 13th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing & Co-located workshops [CD-ROM] : June 11-14, 2012, Hilton Head, SC, USA, / sponsored by ACM SIGMOBILE, suported by NEC Laboratories America.
    TK5105.8883 .H64 2011 Designing the obvious : a common sense approach to Web and mobile application design / [Robert Hoekman, Jr.].
    TK5105.8885.A26 E87 2011 Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC [print and electronic book] / Dino Esposito.
    TK5105.8885.A26 W35 2011 ASP.NET 4.0 unleashed / Stephen Walther, Kevin Hoffman, Nate Dudek.
    TK7867 .H462 2004 Schematic capture with Electronics Workbench Multisim / Marc E. Herniter.
    TK7872.D48 I64 2012 IPSN’12 : proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks : April 16-20, 2012, Beijing, China / sponsored by ACM SIGBED & IEEE SPS (Signal Processing Society) supported by Microsoft Research and University of
    TK7874 .G68 2012 GLSVLSI ’12 [ electronic resource] : proceedings of the 2012 ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI : Salt Lake City, UT, USA, May 3-4, 2012 / sponsored by ACM SIGDA ; Technically Co-sponsored by : CEDA and IEEE; supported by The University of Utah and Fusion-
    TK7874.75 .I58 2012 ISPD ’12 : proceedings of the 2012 International Symposium on Physical Design : March 25-28, 2012, Napa, California , USA / sponsored by ACM SIGDA ; technical co-sponsor, IEEE CAS ; supported by ATopTech,Cadence, IBM Research, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Orac
    TK7881.15 .I588 2012 ISLPED ’12 [electronic resource]: proceedings of the 2012 International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design : Redondo Beach, CA, USA, July 30-August 1, 2012 / sponsored by ACM SIGDA and IEEE CAS ; suported by SSCS, EDS, Intel, Texas Instruments,
    TK7881.4 .N68 2012 NOSSDAV’12 [electronic resource] Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video : NOSSDAV ’12 : June 7-8, 2012, Toronto, Ontario, Canada / sponsored by the ACM SIGMM ; in cooperation with ACM ACM SIGCO
    TK7895.E42 M37 2011 Embedded system design : embedded systems foundations of cyber-physical systems / Peter Marwedel.
    TL570 .A68 2012 Introduction to flight / John D. Anderson, Jr.
    TL698 .M68 2012 Introduction to aerospace materials / A. Mouritz.
    TN690 .P59 2009 Phase transformations in metals and alloys / David A. Porter, Kenneth E. Easterling, and Mohamed Y. Sherif.
    TP151 .H5 2013 Basic principles and calculations in chemical engineering.
    TP155 .C69 1999 Chemical engineering. Volume 1, Fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer / J. Coulson, J. F. Richardson with J.R. Backhurst and J.H. Harker.
    TP248.3 .I58 2012 Introduction to metabolic and cellular engineering / S. Cortassa … [et al.].
    TR267 .T39 2007 Understanding digital cameras : getting the best image from capture to output / Jon Tarrant.
    TR590 .F65 2005 Photographer’s guide to light / John Freeman.
    TS155 .B2175 2008 Industrial project management : concepts, tools, and techniques / Adedeji Badiru, Abidemi Badiru, Adetokunboh Badiru.
    TS155 .R752 2011 Operations management / Roberta S. Russell, Bernard W. Taylor III.
    TS171 .S55 2006 What is product design? / Laura Slack.
    TS171.4 .H86 1998 Human factors in consumer products / edited by Neville Stanton.
    TS183 .L44 2012 Making it : manufacturing techniques for product design / Chris Lefteri.
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  • New books in geography

    The following new books have been added since the beginning of the Summer:

    Statistical methods for geography : a student’s guide / Peter A. Rogerson.  G70.3 .R64 2010

    Introduction to remote sensing / James B. Campbell. G70.4 .C23 2007

    Remote sensing and image interpretation / Thomas M. Lillesand, Ralph W. Kiefer and Jonathan W. Chipman G70.4 .L54 2008

    Computer processing of remotely-sensed images : an introduction / Paul M. Mather and Magaly Koch. G70.4 .M38 2011

    Study skills for geography, earth and environmental science students / Pauline E. Kneale  G73 .K54 2011

    Introduction to geography / Arthur Getis … [et al.] G128 .G495 2011

    Geography : an integrated approach / David Waugh. G128 .W38 2009

    Empire of ice : Scott, Shackleton, and the heroic age of Antarctic science / Edward J. Larson. G872.B8 L37 2011

    Gough map : the earliest road map of Great Britain? / Nick Millea. G5741.S3 M55 2007

    History of the world in twelve maps / Jerry Brotton GA201 .B747 2012

    Introduction to physical geography and the environment / edited by Joseph Holden. GB54.5 .I58 2012

    Surface processes and landforms / Don J. Easterbrook. GB401.5 .E26 1999

    Glacier science and environmental change / edited by Peter G. Knight. GB2403.2 .G53 2009

    Climate change and national security : a country-level analysis / edited by Daniel Moran. GE149 .C55 2011

    Introduction to human geography / edited by Peter Daniels … [et al.]. GF41 .I574 2012

    Urban political geography : a global perspective / Ugo Rossi, Alberto Vanolo GF125 .R67 2012

    Earth : portrait of a planet / Stephen Marshak QE26.3 .M36 2012

    Sedimentology and sedimentary basins : from turbulence to tectonics / Mike Leeder. QE471 .L37 2011

    Geochemical sediments and landscapes / edited by David J. Nash and Sue J. McLaren. QE471.2 .G462 2007

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  • New engineering books

    The school of engineering has invested in some new library books over the Summer. Click for a list of new titles.

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