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  • Free maths and physics textbooks

    Flooved is a site with free maths and physics textbooks. It also has a social media element, allowing students to share and discuss what they read although you don’t have to register to read the content. The books are by named academics – some are made up of lecture notes.

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  • Entire field of particle physics to switch to open access publishing

    It has just been reported in Nature that all particle physics publishing in future will be open access. The  Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP3)  has negotiated a deal which will allow peer reviewed versions of journal articles to be open access, funded by up front payments from libraries.

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  • Free access to Laser Physics Letters until the end of the year

    The Institute of Physics is to take over publishing Laser Physics Letters and Laser Physics. To mark this they are giving free access to Laser Physics Letters until the end of the December 2012. Connect to the journal at http://iopscience.iop.org/1612-202X/.

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  • High citation rates for UK physics research

    The THE reports that the UK is performing well against other nations in the amount of citations for physics research, based on a report by Thomson Reuters, the producers of Web of Science.

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  • Site for jobs in physics and engineering

    brightrecruits.com– IOP Publishing’s specialist, global recruitment site for vacancies in physics and engineering, has been relaunched today, incorporating TIPTOP, the IOP recruitment site.

     The site allows jobseekers to tailor their search by selecting from a range of criteria including preferred industry sector, job type, location and salary. It also offers comprehensive careers information and additional features such as recruiter videos to make it a more complete service for recruiters. You can upload your CV and set up alerts to keep you in touch with new jobs.

    You can register at http://www.brightrecruits.com/register/

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  • Swansea University authors in World Cup collection

    The Institute of Physics has produced a special collection of papers to celebrate the World Cup. ‘Tracking the flight of a spinning football in three dimensions’ written by Iwan Griffiths, Colin Evans and Neil Griffiths from Swansea University has been selected for inclusion. This and other football related papers are available free during the World Cup period at http://iopscience.iop.org/page/physicsoffootball

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  • Inspec for your research

    We recently had a visit from Richard Simms of the IET to talk about the Inspec database:

    • Inspec is a bibliographic database for finding details of articles, books etc. containing material from 1968 onwards. It does not have full text but includes the IGetIt button which will allow you to check whether we have access at Swansea.
    • Inspec covers Physics, Computing, Electrical & electronics engineering. In recent years it has added mechanical engineering and has records on nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and aerospace engineering.
    • Only quality material is covered, mainly peer reviewed journals with a few books, reports and dissertations and 3000 conferences.
    • You can restrict your search to particular areas of the database by using their classification scheme http://www.theiet.org/publishing/inspec/about/coverage/index.cfm. To use this go to the Advanced Ovid search tab, click Limits then click the Edit Limits button. This will allow you to add the option to use classification and other limits such as Numeric data. Inspec indexes numeric data to allow comparison of things like heat and measurement which may be expressed in different ways – more information at http://www.theiet.org/publishing/inspec/about/records/numerical/numerical.cfm
    • Inspec also has a useful thesaurus under Search tools. The database is indexed by specialists in its subject areas to increase your chances of finding useful information.

    Inspec can be found at http://ovidsp.tx.ovid.com/athens/. We find it to be a useful database even for subjects outside its core area, for example biomechanics for sports science. Give it a try and contact us if you need any help at scieng@swansea.ac.uk

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  • SURF – Physics at Swansea


    SURF has organised a lunchtime ‘bridging the gaps’ seminar programme to run in May. The theme is ‘History and Science’, which speakers from across the campus will approach from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The meetings will take place in the SURF room in Fulton House on Thursdays between 12.30 and 14.00, when lunch will be available.

    The second seminar takes place next week:

    Thursday 20 May : Mike Charlton (Physics): ‘An historical perspective on Physics at Swansea’

    Because space in the SURF Room is limited, and because it is necessary to order lunches in advance, a booking system is being used for these seminars and the number of participants is restricted to forty five. Please pass on the details of the programme to research students and any other colleagues who might be interested in these seminars.

    Please ensure that you book by this Thursday, 13 May.  Some places are still available.

    To book a place, please click the link below and select as appropriate:


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  • Workshop: Inspec update

    Inspec update – information for physics, computing & electronics

     Wednesday 28th April 11-12 noon  Library PC Room 3 (Just turn up)

     Are you making the most of our subscription to Inspec?

     Inspec has comprehensive coverage of electronics; computer science; physics; electrical, control, production and mechanical engineering; communications & IT, with significant coverage of operations research, material science, oceanography, engineering mathematics, nuclear engineering, environmental science, geophysics, nanotechnology, biomedical technology and biophysics.

     Inspec is a bibliographic database produced by the IET (The Institution of Engineering & Technology) and is highly regarded for the quality of its content and indexing.

     Why not see if Inspec has anything relevant to contribute to your research? This workshop (led by Richard Simms from the IET) will enable new users to get started with Inspec and allow existing users to learn new tips for finding information effectively.

    If you are interested in Inspec but unable to come to the workshop please let us know and we will try to arrange a repeat session or talk to you individually. You can access Inspec at http://ovidsp.tx.ovid.com/athens/ using your Athens username and password.

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  • IOP Science: new look for IOP journals



    IOP journals have launched a new interface today called IOP science. It includes some nice features to help you to make good use of their content :

    •  – It has a related articles feature to help you discover new research
    • – When you look at an article it will show who it has been cited by.
    • – If you register for My IOP Science you can set up alerts to keep you up to date and it will also remind you of articles you have viewed in the last 3 months.
    • – It is possible to search within an individual journal and see what are the most read and cited articles within that journal.
    • – Search results can be filtered in a range of ways including date, author, subject and journal to help you pick out the most useful material.
    • – E-prints from arXiv are now included in the search – one less place to look!
    • – If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch an application is available to help you use IOP content on the move.
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