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  • Win one of ten £25 Amazon vouchers!

    Win one of ten £25 Amazon vouchers!

    Simply complete our customer satisfaction survey.

    Tell us what you like and what you don’t. It will only take five minutes and your feedback will help us to improve our services and better meet your needs.

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  • Enillwch un daleb Amazon allan o ddeg sydd yn werth £25!

    Yr unig beth sydd angen i chi ei wneud yw cwblhau ein harolwg bodlondeb cwsmer.

    Dywedwch wrthym beth yr ydych yn eu hoffi a beth nad ydych yn eu hoffi. Bydd yn cymryd pum munud yn unig a bydd eich adborth yn eich cynorthwyo i wella ein gwasanaethau gan fodloni eich anghenion yn well.

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    Day 1: Create an account and add a reference

    Welcome to 5 days of Mendeley

    Mendeley is a free tool that can help you store and organise the references that you find during your research. This reference information can then be used to automatically insert citations and a fully formatted reference list into your Word documents.  Mendeley also contains a great social media community designed for researchers.  However this five days of Mendeley will concentrate on referencing.
    As a free tool Swansea University cannot offer technical support for the resource. Any problems with the resource need to be reported directly to Mendeley.
    Swansea University subscribe to Endnote, a referencing tool with technical support available.
    However due to the high number of enquiries regarding Mendeley the desktop version is available from the unified desktop along with the Word plug-in. This five Days of Mendeley has been created in response to a number of enquiries about the referencing tool and it is not intended as a substitute for Endnote.
    Mendeley has fewer citations styles than Endnote and does not, at the moment, include the Vancouver (Swansea) style.  It does include APA and standard Vancouver in its referencing library.
    For further information about Mendeley and Endnote please email

    Getting Started

    Today we will look at creating a Mendeley Account and necessary software installations (if not connected to the unified desktop).  The instructions below are to create the Desktop Application and also a Mendeley account.  You can use just the online version of Mendeley.  However syncing is extremely easy and does give you more control of your references.
    • Go to:
    • Select Download Desktop App and the file will download.

    Image Download Desktop App

    •  Once downloaded click on Run (it might be hiding on the bottom-left of your screen).

    Running Mendeley

    • You will then be prompted to register with Mendeley and Elsevier.

    image screenshot of registration box

    You maybe able to skip this step if you have already registered with Elsevier or an Elsevier product such as Scopus or ScienceDirect.

    Registering with Elsevier Window                  Registering with Elsevier Window

    Although it is not necessary to add the citation plug-in at this point, you will also be prompted to add the citation plug-in for reference output.
    • If you wish to complete this step then click on Install now.


    Entering References Manually

    • Click on the button on the top left of the screen. Select Add Entry Manually.
    • A new Document Box will appear (it defaults to Journal Article). Use the drop down arrow to select your media and then complete relevant information.

    image. Adding an item manually into Mendeley

    • The reference that you have added will be listed in My References.
    Tomorrow we will learn how to import reference information from our library catalogue,  iFind.



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  • College of Engineering Library Inductions

    It’s time for you to start your new life at Swansea University! There is a lot happening during Welcome Week and there is a lot of information to take in. Make sure you come along to one of our College of Engineering/Sports Science library talks so that you know how to make the most of our resources and services:

    College of Engineering B004 (postgraduates)

    College of Engineering B003 (undergraduates)

    In the meantime, you’re very welcome to come in and look around your library. It’s building 5 on the campus map. Or watch our short video to help you find your way.

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  • Sesiynau Cynefino Llyfrgell yr Coleg Peirianneg

    Mae’n amser i chi ddechrau eich bywyd newydd ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe! Mae llawer o bethau ymlaen yn ystod yr Wythnos Groeso ac mae llawer o wybodaeth ar eich cyfer. Sicrhewch eich bod yn dod i drafodaethau llyfrgell Y Coleg Peirianneg a Gwyddor Chwaraeon fel eich bod gwybod sut i wneud y mwyaf o’n hadnoddau a’n gwasanaethau:

    College of Engineering B004 (postgraduates)

    College of Engineering B003 (undergraduates)

    Yn y cyfamser, mae croeso i chi ddod yma a chael golwg o gwmpas y llyfrgell. Adeilad 5 yw’r llyfrgell ar fap y campws. Neu gallwch wylio ein fideo byr er mwyn dod yn gyfarwydd â’ch ffordd o gwmpas.

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  • Fe welwn ni chi yn Abertawe! Croeso mawr i fyfyrwyr Y Coleg Peirianneg a fydd yn cyrraedd ym mis Medi.

    Croeso! Llongyfarchiadau os ydych chi’n un o’r myfyrwyr newydd a fydd yn ymuno â ni ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe fis nesaf. Da iawn! Bydd yna lawer o bethau i’w hystyried pan fyddwch yn cyrraedd, gan gynnwys dysgu am yr adnoddau a’r gwasanaethau yn y llyfrgell. Gallwch fynychu sesiwn gynefino â’r llyfrgell yn ystod yr Wythnos Groeso, ond dyma wybodaeth ddefnyddiol i’ch rhoi chi ar ben ffordd:

    Canllawiau Llyfrgell

    Mae ein Canllawiau Llyfrgell ar gyfer y Coleg Peirianneg a Gwyddorau Chwaraeon ar gael ar-lein. Maent yn cynnwys yr holl adnoddau gorau ar gyfer eich pwnc yn ogystal â chanllawiau a gwybodaeth. (Bydd rhaid i chi ddisgwyl hyd nes y byddwch wedi cofrestru i allu cael gafael ar yr adnoddau hyn, ond mae popeth arall ar gael i chi edrych arnynt nawr.)

    Eich Tîm Pwnc

    Ni yw eich llyfrgellwyr – Alasdair, Philippa, Giles ac Allison. Rydym yma i’ch helpu i lwyddo yn eich astudiaethau! Byddwn yma drwy gydol eich amser yn y brifysgol i’ch helpu i ddod o hyd i’r wybodaeth sydd ei hangen arnoch ar gyfer eich aseiniadau ac i gynnig cyngor ar gyfeirnodi. Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau, gallwch ein e-bostio ar Edrychwn ymlaen at eich cyfarfod!

    Alasdair, Giles, Allison a Philippa – eich llyfrgellwyr

    Fe welwn ni chi yn Abertawe!

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  • See you in Swansea! Welcome to College of Engineering students arriving in September

    Croeso! That’s ‘welcome’ in Welsh. Congratulations if you are one of the new students who will be joining us in Swansea University next month. Well done! There will be lots to think about when you arrive, including finding out about the resources and services at the library. You can attend a library induction in Welcome Week, but here’s some useful information to get you started:

    Library Guides

    Our Library Guides for College of Engineering  and Sports Science are available online. They include all the top resources for your subject as well as guides and information. (You’ll have to wait until you’re enrolled to access the resources, but everything else is free to view now.)

    Your subject team

    We are your librarians – Alasdair, Philippa, Giles and Allison. We’re here to help you succeed in your studies! We’ll be here throughout your time at university to help you find the information you need for your assignments and to offer advice on referencing. If you have any questions, you can email us at We’re looking forward to meeting you!

    Alasdair, Giles, Allison and Philippa – your librarians

    See you in Swansea!

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  • Summer Programme for Masters Students: Referencing Software

    3rd July 2018, 10.00 am in PC Room 2 in the Bay Library

    Image: Referencing Software

    The next session in the Summer Programme is Referencing Software.  Referencing software allows you to manage your references by storing them in a single place, often allowing you to attach your articles to the bibliographic data (allowing you to locate it easier in the future).  When it comes to output, you can locate and insert your in-text citation and references in word using many referencing styles.  There are many other great features, which will be discussed in the session, but they differ between software.


    This session will look at advantages and disadvantage of using Mendeley and Endnote before each participant has the opportunity to work through their chosen software.

    This session is held in the PC room in the library however it would be advantageous to bring your own device to this session, particularly if you decide that Mendeley is the software you want to  use.

    This session is aimed at Master student but everyone is welcome to attend.  In July the following sessions have been organised:

    5th July, 3.00 pm Finding Academic Sources
    10th July, 10.00 am SAGE Research Methods
    12th July, 3.00 pm Finding Datasets
    17th July, 10.00 am Finding Business Information
    19th July, 3.00 pm Keeping up-to date
    24th July, 10.00 am Financial Databases
    26th July, 3.00 pm Referencing Software (Output)

    For further information please contact the College of Engineering library team:
    Business Library Team:

    The Bay Library
    Swansea University
    T +44 (0)1792 505500
    Find us on Facebook at

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  • Breakfast Bites: Research Methodologies

    Tuesday, 15th May 2018
    8:15 am in the Bay Library

    Are you working on your dissertation or a research project?  SAGE Research Methodologies is a fantastic resource to answer your research methods and statistics questions.  It contains information on qualitative and quantitative methods, practice datasets, case studies and books and encyclopaedias on research topics.

    Our breakfast bites on the 15th May will look at the functionality of this excellent resource.

    Breakfast Bites photo

    Breakfast Bites workshops are held once a week in Bay Library’s PC Room 2 from 8.15am until 8.50am. The sessions are open to all staff and students. No need to book, just come along on the day!

    For further information please contact the Engineering team on

    The Bay Library
    Swansea University
    T +44 (0)1792 505500

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  • Breakfast Bites – Keeping up to date


    This session will look at the functionality within the library resources to enable you to keep up to date with information.  This session is useful for those doing longer research projects and their dissertations.  Remember if you are unable to make this session you can book a 1-2-1 session with your subject librarian in the Bay library.

    For further information, please contact the Bay library team:

    Engineering Library Team:
    The Bay Library
    Swansea University
    T +44 (0)1792 505500

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