Day 8:00 am


    Over the last two days we have entered references manually and imported some references from iFind. You should now have several references saved in EndNote. Today we will look at how you can organise and share these references.


    In EndNote Online you can collect related references in groups. You could have a group for a specific topic, or for each chapter of a dissertation. Putting a reference in a group does not remove it from your list of My References, so a reference can be in more than one group.

    To create a group:

    • Go to Organize
    • Select New Group
    • A window will open; enter a name for your group.

    To add references into your new group:

    • Go to My References
    • Select some referenes by ticking the check box next to the reference.
    • Just above your list of references you will see an Add to group drop-down menu.
    • Select your group.

    The selected references will be added to the group. At the left of the screen you will see a My References box listing the groups you have in your library. You should see the group you created with a number of references next to it.

    • Click on the group name link to see the references in this group.

    You can share specific groups with other EndNote users. This may be useful if you are working on a collaborative assignment.

    • Click the Organize
    • On the Manage My Groups page, click the box in the Share column to tick it.


    • Click the Manage Sharing button for the appropriate group. On the next screen click the link that says Start sharing this group. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter the email addresses of anyone you wish to share the group with. You can also decide to give Read & Write or Read Only

    Tomorrow’s post will teach you how to create a simple bibliography/reference list.

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