Day 8:00 am


    This post explains how you can easily create a list of your references using EndNote Online. Our pervious posts covered creating an account, adding reference information to your EndNote account and organising that information.

    To create a reference list

    • Click the Format tabYou will see the screen below (The Bibliography option on this tab is selected by default).


    • Next to References: select the group you created. You can select any group or all your references.
    • Next to Bibliographic style: this is where you need to select the reference style you want to use. If the style you need is not in the list follow the next three steps.
    • Click the Select Favorites
    • From the All list on the left select the style that you want to use.

    There are some Swansea approved styles; APA 6th Swansea (an author date type style), Vancouver Swansea (numbered) and MHRA Swansea (footnotes).

    • Click Copy to Favorites. They will then be added to the list of styles you see in the drop-down list for bibliographic style.


    Once you have the selected the referencing style that you wish you use

    • Select RTF from the File format drop-down list. This format can be opened in any word processor and gives a nicer format than plain text.
    • Click the Save You will see a message asking if you want to save or open the file.
    • Choose Open and you should see a formatted list of the items in your group.

    Today you have quickly and easily create a list of your references in your chosen referencing style. Tomorrow you will learn how to use EndNote with Word to insert citations and references as you write your assignments.

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