National Chemical Database Service

  • Image of chemical symbol

    The National Chemical Database Service is funded by the EPSRC and hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  They have produced a series of webinars about their databases which you can find on youtube:

    • SPRESIweb is a structure and reaction database for organic chemists which you can search by name, structure or formula.
    • ARChem is another tool for synthetic organic chemists which allows you to generate a set of rules for finding synthetic pathways based on the RSCs Methods in Organic Synthesis. It aims to help find the most suitable ways to synthesise a compound. Each university has a quota of searches allowed on this database.
    • ACD/i-Lab2 contains experimental property data from the literature and predicted data, including spectra and log P and can be searched by compound name or structure.
    • Chemicalize is a free web application where you can type in a url and it will augment the web page, pulling out any chemical structures.

    Worth exploring for any discipline which uses chemical information.