IOP Science: new look for IOP journals


    IOP journals have launched a new interface today called IOP science. It includes some nice features to help you to make good use of their content :

    •  – It has a related articles feature to help you discover new research
    • – When you look at an article it will show who it has been cited by.
    • – If you register for My IOP Science you can set up alerts to keep you up to date and it will also remind you of articles you have viewed in the last 3 months.
    • – It is possible to search within an individual journal and see what are the most read and cited articles within that journal.
    • – Search results can be filtered in a range of ways including date, author, subject and journal to help you pick out the most useful material.
    • – E-prints from arXiv are now included in the search – one less place to look!
    • – If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch an application is available to help you use IOP content on the move.