Latest Web of Science Upgrade

  • Web of Science upgraded over the weekend. More complete citations have been added to WOS to improve cited reference searching. More titles and urls are included and you can search by article title as well as journal title. For example, to search for:

    A practical approach to the determination of the crystallography of grain-boundaries” by Valerie Randle and Brian Ralph, Journal of Materials Science, Volume 21 Number 11 (November 1986): pages 3823 – 3828

     You can enter part of the title as below:

    As always, it is best to include a minimum of information in a cited reference search as this allows you to pick up miscitations. When you look at the cited references for any search result, they will now often be more complete and can be exported to reference software or e-mail.

    Other improvements include left truncation, so that you can search for *hydroxylation to pick up dihydroxylation or aminohydroxylation for example and the ability in advanced search to restrict to a particular subject area. More details in a video clip at: