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  • Global Change Workshop for Year 12 Pupils

    Global Change: Global Threats

    A Workshop in Welsh for Year 12 students will be held in the Department of Geography, Swansea University on March 15 between 9.45 and 4.00 .

    The event is part of the National Science and Engineering Week 2010, called Global Change: Global Threats. The workshop is suitable for Year 12 pupils studying geography, science or geology AS level. The workshop will explore some possible consequences of global changes on the threat of natural hazards such as floods, storms or wild fires.

    Not only will this be a great opportunity for pupil to discuss the implications of climate change, one of the 21st century’s main threat but they will also deal with this important subject in Welsh. An ever increasing emphasis is being placed on an individuals’ ability to communicate their areas of expertise bilingually. This workshop provides a platform for pupils to discuss climate change in a University environment but also gives them a taster of the opportunities available to continue with their bilingual education in the environment / science field.
    Participants are divided into teams, each consisting of pupils from various schools to bring together different experiences and working methods. They will investigate the implications of global changes on one danger led by staff members in the Department of Geography at Swansea University. The teams will present their findings in the form of short news items to give them experience of the methods used by journalists to present complex issues in ways that are interesting and easy to understand.

    The students will benefit from the expertise of Mr Iolo ap Dafydd, BBC Wales environmental correspondent as they prepare their TV item as he will be present during the day.
    The workshop will be held in conjunction with Canolfan Edward Llwyd. The Centre supports the universities in Wales as they develop Welsh medium provision available to students in the field of Sciences.
    For further information contact Siwan Davies, Swansea University on 01792 295233.

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  • – Science News Site is an American site designed to report science news directly, without going through the traditional media. The UK Russell Group has now joined the site and intend to use it as a vehicle to promote their research.

    The story about the Russell Group can be found here: and is available at

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  • Major Earthquakes 2010

    The US Geological Survey has produced a listing of all major earthquakes in 2010 with a magnitude of 6.5 or above or which caused substantial damage or fatalities. You can find it at

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  • Free GeoKnowledge Workshop

    GeoKnowledge Workshop, 26th March 2010, University of Leicester

    Landmap is a JISC Spatial Discovery service which provides access to and support for a range of satellite, airborne and feature datasets. The Landmap Service in the past year has focused on supporting the use of spatial data by providing online courses and learning and teaching materials through a new Learning Zone which caters for students/researchers and teachers/lecturers. This workshop will introduce the new Learning Zone facility via a mix of presentations and ‘hands on’ practical sessions. Academic staff who wish to use the materials for teaching are particularly welcome to attend. Workshop Details + Registration:

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  • LIS Training Sessions for Staff

    Web of Science

     Tues. 9 March 12-1 pm

    PC Room 3 in the library

    This database indexes over 10,000 journals  in all disciplines.    The session will give practice in the use of Web of Science to find journal articles, book reviews and other material and will include an introduction to unique advanced features of Web of Science, such as cited reference searching.   Cited reference searching allows you to take a paper or book on your topic which is well known or useful and find out who have cited that paper in their own work – the likelihood is that they are working on the same or a related topic.

    FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy)


    Thurs. 18 March 18 2-2.45 pm

    PC Room 3 in the library

    FAME is a database from Bureau van Dijk which allows the user access to financial & company information for companies in the UK & Ireland, large and small.

    Seven million companies are listed over the last 10 years, even companies which have ceased to exist.  The user can simply retrieve a company report for a single company or search for companies within specific parameters, for example  list  companies according to industry sector with over £X turnover in a particular geographical area.  Results can be exported to Excel.

     Future Training sessions

    Details of further sessions will appear on the Training Sessions for Staff web page.  To book a place at any of these please email

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  • SORT


    WHEN? Tuesday 9th March, 10-11am

    WHERE? PC room 2, Library

    WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This will be of most interest to those in economics, health, social sciences, politics, geography, history.

    Datasets are full of valuable quantitative and qualitative data which can be re-used and re-analyzed by researchers.  This session will introduce the researcher to the UK’s Office of National Statistics (specifically Neighbourhood Statistics); the UK Data Archive and the Economic & Social Data Service (UK & international data).

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  • Voyager System Maintenance

    Voyager, the library catalogue, will be unavailable for a short time due to system maintenance.

     The system maintenance begins on the morning of Tuesday March 23rd and we expect the Voyager web catalogue to return during the afternoon of Wednesday March 24th.

     During the upgrade, items from the libraries can be borrowed and returned at the library issue desks, but it will not be possible to make requests or to renew books or to use self issue and self return.

     Please contact me if you require further information.

    Andrew Brown

    Swansea University

    Singleton Park


    SA2 8PP
    Tel. 01792 513150

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  • Research Poster Display

    Research Posters by some of the researchers in the School of Arts and Humanities are being displayed in the main Library Foyer for the next few weeks.  Do call in to have a look.

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  • March Book Sale

    I have changed the books in the book-sale today. Come along and have a look. They are situated just inside the doors to the Study Hall, on level 3 of the Library & Information Centre.

     These books are either items that have been withdrawn because they are out of date or unused duplicates, or they are unwanted donations. This month’s sale comprises mainly French Literature, Media and some donations.


    Lynne Tithecott

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  • IOP Science: new look for IOP journals


    IOP journals have launched a new interface today called IOP science. It includes some nice features to help you to make good use of their content :

    •  – It has a related articles feature to help you discover new research
    • – When you look at an article it will show who it has been cited by.
    • – If you register for My IOP Science you can set up alerts to keep you up to date and it will also remind you of articles you have viewed in the last 3 months.
    • – It is possible to search within an individual journal and see what are the most read and cited articles within that journal.
    • – Search results can be filtered in a range of ways including date, author, subject and journal to help you pick out the most useful material.
    • – E-prints from arXiv are now included in the search – one less place to look!
    • – If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch an application is available to help you use IOP content on the move.
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