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  • Football performance analytics

    Any sports scientists interested in performance analytics may be interested to know that Manchester United has made a lot of data available for free to encourage people to work on this area.

    One data set is every ‘on the ball’ event for every Premier League player in every match from the entire 2011-12 Premier League season. This data will be suitable for everyone who has some basic data management skills as the sheet contains 10,370 rows and 185 columns of unique raw data.  The data is presented in .csv format.

    There is also more advanced data which would require programming ability to use it. This data is a time coded feed that lists all player action events within the game with a player, team, event type, minute and second for each action, together with the x/y/z co-ordinates for each event.  Each event has a series of qualifiers describing it and every event collected by OPTA for a given match is listed within this feed.  This type of feed would allow for heat map, touch map, passing matrices and mapping attacking play and distribution.

    Data is available from http://www.mcfc.co.uk/The-Club/MCFC-Analytics. You need to register and agree to their terms and conditions and the data will be sent to you by e-mail.

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  • Swansea University authors in World Cup collection

    The Institute of Physics has produced a special collection of papers to celebrate the World Cup. ‘Tracking the flight of a spinning football in three dimensions’ written by Iwan Griffiths, Colin Evans and Neil Griffiths from Swansea University has been selected for inclusion. This and other football related papers are available free during the World Cup period at http://iopscience.iop.org/page/physicsoffootball

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